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Mission of JSC "Borisov Plant of Aggregates"
Mission of JSC "Borisov Plant of Aggregates"

Joint Stock Company "Borisov Plant of Aggregates" is a leading enterprise in CIS producing turbochargers and pneumocompressors, oil and water pumps, filters, drives and other spare parts to complete diesel engines for motor and tractor machinery.

We improve quality characteristics of the engines: increase the power, reduce the noise and fuel consumption as well as diminish the giving off of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Our products are delivered to the largest motor-assembling conveyors of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation. Our cooperation with them makes it possible for our enterprise to broaden the range of the manufactured products and carry out constant quality control.

Employment of modern methods and technologies in the development and manufacture of the products enables our enterprise to satisfy the increasing needs for qualitative products.

As our enterprise is situated in the centre of Europe, we are able to be more flexible in considering the customers' inquiries, to solve the specified problems promptly.

We strive for constant improvement of the manufactured products which will meet the requirements of the world engine building and modern ecological norms.

We are sure to achieve the goals faced by our enterprise owing to constant study of our customers' needs as well as regular introduction of new technologies, design discoveries and system approach to the development of the enterprise.

Director of JSC "Borisov Plant of Aggregates"
Andrey N.Lobach







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